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Mini Mathur- Actor, TV Host

Wardrobe Refresh

So I wanted to start 2018 trying to clean up the clutter in my life.. throwing out stuff (and people) that didn’t make me feel 100% . And just like that.. I get a call from Prache who styled me for a shoot ..who says she is back from Milan having learnt the art/science of “wardrobe management”.. Whoa never heard of THAT one (and trust me I seen a lot). I put the “nobody touches my cupboard” person within aside and let curiosity take over. Within a few days.. Prache arrived with an army of assistants, tailors, dressmen .. we took out everything.. made me try on pieces that had fallen out of sight (with tags on), ruthlessly chucked some old faithfuls that I didn’t have the heart to say goodbye to, retained some I didn’t like before, sorted that odd missing button, tuck & stitch, dry cleaned the stray stains, catalogued some nice sets, put my millions of accessories in neat seal-it bags and lo n behold I had a new, organised, roomier wardrobe.. clothes I could see better. And If you thought I HAD OCD.. you gotta meet this one here... Mz Prache Khade ❤️ 

Sonali Kulkarni- Mumbai, India

How to feel like a queen
Answer- hire Prache

If you want some self esteem dose, please meet my super talented stylist- Prache
It's interesting how people leave a mark in your memory! I had met her on a shoot. She was so so organised ( much a stark contrast to usual designers we meet on the sets! ) simple thing like safety pins, which rarely any designer carries  Prache had a box
full of them! To my surprise, she attended the whole shoot and she never tried to impress me by telling that she is too busy or has to go to attend another shoot  since then a corner was always secured in my memory for her and till date - where she is formally on board with me as my stylist!

Prache has changed my confidence level. She doesn't just take interest in the outfit she suggests.. But she has high interest in make up and hair too. She is very particular in completing a look.
She has encouraged me to learn more in this department and similarly what I like about her is she doesn't fear competition or getting copied! She is all set n open to set trends and up the overall styling quotient

She has wonderfully sorted my personal wardrobe  I had so much stuff that at times I used to get confused to figure out what I should be wearing! At times I never would find many things. But she came, she saw and she simply cleansed it  My house looks no lesser than a beautifully arranged showcase now.. where clothes/ shoes/ accessories/ bags are finely stored and easily found

Shopping with her is another treat! She is very close to a genius or a mad scientist  each time we have to go for shopping, she studies the list, shops and plans the shopping meticulously in advance! Never wastes a single min! She browses through each detail according to the requirements and keeps options ready!
My profile varies from an actor, writer, wife, mom and so on.. She perfectly combines glamour,beauty, fashion with great sensibility! I have never felt out of the place where ever I am! Be it a 5star dining with friends/ a family function/ a Theater do or an out n out red carpet event! I am no more apologetic neither am I just average good looking anymore- my appearance is strongly noticed and I'm making a fashion statement each time I step out in public- that is entirely Prache 's credit
She always surprises me with her minute observation. A thorough professional, caring boss and extremely creative mind she is! She is not merely a clothes person but she has classy aesthetic sense and an artiste' eye too..

It has been lovely boarding this gorgeous cruise called 'Prache the stylist  it is a little more than fashionable, strongly on the edge and lots of fun  I'm looking forward to my stylish journey with my diva anchor

Apeksha Dandekar, Singer, Mumbai

Event Styling

Prache identifies your personal style with patience and professionalism. She considers body type and comfort level when it comes to wearing clothes and also allows you to experiment with style. She will make you feel at ease and becomes a friend that you can turn to in times of a style crisis! When it comes to personal shopping, everyday outfits, special events and organising your wardrobe - you can be sure to rely on her helping hand. She is organised, easygoing and will advice you on your look right from your clothes to accessories, hair and makeup. You only have to look at her own style to understand how seriously she takes being confident in yourself and looking good! While helping people feel like stars, she is a star herself! That is why I have given her 5*! Till our next shopping trip Prache!

Chandra, Financial Advisor, Mumbai

Personal Shopping and Makeover

​Dear Prache, I was going thru a Life changing phase and was seeking more self-esteem and confidence which led to a search of a personal shopper / stylist. I'm not the type of person who would typically imagine or would seek out for a personal stylist; I was nerd among nerds who had not done any serious clothes shopping in years & who really have any sense of style. Rare were the days I actually felt good about getting dressed.  I was introduced to the idea of a personal shopper / stylist and when actually assessed my wardrobe, I realized I seriously needed one. Confronted with the challenge of finding the right stylist, I took to Google for some in-depth research and fortunately found the right one instantly and got connected to you. I just knew I had found the right partner.  I liked the discovery process you use to get to know the client, our goals before our actual appointment even begins. I felt super comfortable around you from the get go. A series of questionnaire and sending pics of existing clothes, footwear, accessories and bags made you to know about me, better understanding about what I have and what I need. Only after understanding of my actual needs, you decided to do shopping that combined clothes for various occasions. When we met, I found you amazingly friendly, supportive. You are an awesome person who is still in touch with the roots with the small beautiful things you shared. You value the client’s intentions, money, time. Taking care of the smallest of small things like measurement, alterations, comfort etc. It almost felt like I had known her for years.  You knew exactly what looked good on me and helped me understand why certain looks were good while others just did not work for me.  The clothes you found for me emphasized strong features of my body type while minimizing the weaker ones...I have woken up to an entirely new world.  By the end of the day we had built up a versatile set of basics in a style that better communicated who I am - and we managed to get it done within the budget parameters I had set before the appointment! The results are already speaking volumes.  On a personal level, for the first time in my life I'm actually excited about getting dressed in the morning.  I feel so much more confident about what I'm wearing, and that confidence is starting to rub off on my mentality in other areas of life too. On the first day after our excursion I wore one of my new outfits to work and pretty much everyone in my office made some sort of positive comment when they saw me, completely unsolicited.  And those reactions were just from an outfit that is the most basic of my new normal.  Thank you so much for giving me such a wonderful experience. God Bless and my Best wishes to you. Keep doing the Good work…

Ankita Tondwalkar, Mumbai

Wedding Shopping

The experience of working with prache was exceptional. I haven't come across such a warm and cool headed person. It was with utmost trust that I had got her on board and she truly lived up to it, be it my hair or my eye make-up or my saree draping. Could not have asked for more!!!! And above all she delivers whatever she promises, infact goes out of her way to make everything best happen for you. Loved working with her.

Isha Bhave, Pune

Personal Shopping

I realised that I always ended up buying the same kind of clothes and my wardrobe had become monotonous. I noticed that it would be great if I had someone to guide me and add something new to my wardrobe keeping in mind my taste and preferences. Prache likes to know her clients well before starting to shop with them. She asked me to send my pictures, and pictures of existing accessories, footwear and clothes. She had done quite some work and already visited the stores a day prior. She suggested the right kind of clothes and knew what can look good on me. She makes shopping hassle free and takes care of every little detail. It summed up to be a super fun and an exciting day! I was fulfilled and contended with my shopping and my wardrobe is as versatile as never before!

Megan Rhind- Canada

Personal Shopping

For my wife and I, our experience with Prache was above and beyond what we were expecting; she is a kind, helpful, well mannered, and friendly lady.   The main reason for our visit to India was to attend a friend's wedding and not knowing at all what we should be wearing we turned to Prache for guidance.  In the days leading up to our arrival in Mumbai, Prache was available by WhatsApp to discuss attire options we'd been considering, what sort of events were being held, what our budgets were etc. and she was always quick to reply and very helpful.  The day we'd scheduled to go shopping, Prache greeted us with our own, clean, air conditioned private car and a bag of snacks to keep us going through the busy day.  From there we went to a number of stores where she explained to us the different styles, what would be appropriate for which events, and she worked with the store's people to keep items on hold or find additional sizes.  Her support was invaluable, and by the end of the day Prache had stayed to visit a few extra shops with us well beyond the time we'd agreed to finish.  Her emphasis on our comfort and level of service was exemplary and even after we'd parted ways that afternoon, she remained available over WhatsApp for the remainder of our trip to give us help locating a last minute dry cleaner, or tailor, or give us advice on additional garments we'd send photos of.  We were consistently impressed with Prache's responsiveness and willingness to help any way that she could.  We would recommend Prache's services to anyone that is looking for a friendly, cooperative stylist with an incredible fashion sense - she helped us find some truly breathtaking outfits to wear and take home as memories of this incredible trip.  Thanks Prache!

Sumi Rastogi- Mumbai, India

I never knew that shopping will be so blissful… like a typical person I also like shopping…those heavy bags…those fashion labels, those discount news always turned me on…but when I met you it added another perspective to my shopping…I remember how you would dig the store to get what best suited me…. Your untiring efforts to search my favorite apparels…now I don’t just like my shopping…I totally love it… You not only helped me collect what I wanted but lots of compliments that came along with it. I am loving my new look and my new cut…thanks a lot for being there..thanks a lot for making it possible for me….I think I can also say that I love shopping .

Purva Salt- Melbourne, Australia

"When David and I decided to get married we chose the theme East meets West. I didn't want to wear sari, however I still wanted something traditionally Indian that would still fit the theme.


Prache came to my rescue. She understood what I wanted despite of my vague description. Throughout this process she was very professional and walked me through how it is going to work with Prache being located in India and me being in Australia.

Prache listened to what I have to say carefully and suggested changes wherever needed very subtly. She also sent me a coloured sketch of the dress along with cloth samples. She also completed the entire look from the shades of makeup to the hairstyle that would complement the dress.


I couldn't imagine what I would have done if Prache wasn’t there to help me with the styling for my Wedding day. She kept me calm and dealt very nicely with my last minute bridezilla moments. Additionally, I also loved her personal touch to the packaging when she sent dress to Australia.


Thank you so much Prache for making me look so beautiful on my wedding day, despite the time difference and the distance all the way to Australia"




Neha Limaye Joshi- Pune, India

A pair of denims and casual tops, was the definition of Fashion to me. All this while I have had a very care free attitude towards styling and fashion. Any beautician or fashion freak friends I came across used to tell me, 'you look beautiful  but don't stay beautiful'. I really did not understand what they meant until I happen to meet Prache  Khade.

My fiancé had heard loads about Prache's styling skills and hence both of us decided to take her assistance, or more like make her our style guru.


I was really impressed in the very first meet with Prache. She was very polite, humble, sweet, confident and very proficient. Just by conversing for a while with her I could understand the immense knowledge and experience she had.  Her unique ideas had a perfect balance of modern styles along with the typical traditional ones. A personal shopper was actually an unheard concept to me,  but soon I realised how amazingly helpful and fun it was to have one. Prache as a person has a very positive and caring attitude and has an excellent eye for detail. She heard me out well and understood my likes/dislikes and accordingly suggested styles and dresses which made the entire process very simple and hassel free.She not only designed outfits but also suggested what hairstyle, make up could suit the attire.


My wedding was a great success and a chunk of that credit goes to my friend and designer Prache.  I have found a friend in her who finally can help me stay beautiful!!


Love u Prache 

Richa Dubey- Mumbai, India

The first time I heard about Personal shoppers the idea fascinated me but I wasn't too sure if it is meant for a middle class person like me. But now after taking service from you I am extremely glad that I made this investment. Yes I will call it an investment as it goes a long way in helping one's personality shine.


It was amazing experience and felt as if I was shopping with a  friend who could guide me at each step to purchase right things. You had surveyed the market well before which helped us land in correct shops and thus save on our shopping time. The best part was you understood my budget constraints and didn't push me to buy anything way off my budget.


Overall a  great experience & I look forward to a shopping trip with you sometime soon again:-)



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Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.


Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.


Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.

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